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"Need to Sell a House Fast for Cash?
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This is your guide to finding reputable "cash house buying" specialists (& avoiding the scams)


There are 100's of companies and websites all claiming they can buy your property fast for cash.

However, only a handful are "genuine" cash buyers, pay fair prices, and have the ability to quickly solve whatever property related problem you're facing.

TheAdvisory.co.uk is written and contributed to by property professionals from inside the UK House Building Industry (see our About page).

We have been monitoring the ‘quick sale’ industry since 2005, and because of our involvement in the property market, we have experience in dealing with 99% of the reputable ‘fast cash for property’ firms currently operating in the UK.

The guide below will alert you to all the most common pitfalls of selling in this way, so you can ensure you make the right decision when it comes to selling your home.

Keep reading to make sure you avoid being ripped off, and successfully sell within the timeframe you require, at the best possible price.

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Do You Really Need a Fast Cash Home Buyer?

You should only consider using the services of a specialist buying company if:

"Your NEED TO MOVE is GREATER than your

Then (and only then) should you explore this method of sale!

Compare Buyers For FREE & Find A
Recommended Reputable Cash Purchaser

As you may know, www.TheAdvisory.co.uk is written and contributed to by property professionals from some of the UK's most successful house building companies.

Because of our involvement within the property industry, we know (and have dealt with) 99% of the reputable "quick sale" companies all across the UK.

We are happy to recommend which company will pay you the highest price and best suit your situation and needs.

Because all buyers have different buying criteria, if you need a recommendation, simply email us (at info@TheAdvisory.co.uk) with some basic details about your property:


How Quickly Can Specialist Homebuyers
Buy My House?

A reputable and professional cash homebuyer will be able to buy your house and put cash in your bank account within 7 - 28 days.

Many claim they can do this in 24hrs but in reality there are only one or two specialists that have the resources to make this happen.

If you have the misfortune to end up dealing with a less than genuine buyer, expect the process to be drawn out for months as they try to secure mortgage finance.

For your sale to stand a chance of meeting whatever timeframe you stipulate, your buyer has to be genuinely cash funded!

Be aware that 99% of the companies out there are not "genuine" cash buyers.

Although their websites may suggest otherwise, the vast majority of these firms are either small time investors, lead generators selling your details on to investors, or investment brokers passing your details on to investors.

All of these groups predominantly buy with mortgage finance and tie you in with an "option contract".

The option contract is needed to hold you in place (read: stop you being able to sell elsewhere) while a buyer and/or mortage funding is secured. This makes the process risky and your sale far from guaranteed!

From our research, we estimate that in fact over 70% of sales agreed to these types of buyers fail, because mortgage funding cannot be secured. In other words, a massive waste of your time.


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How Much Can You Expect to Get
For Your Property?

The price that quick property sale companies say they pay is usually up to 80% or 90% of your home’s actual value. Some even say they will pay 100%. All of this is misleading.

The reality is that 99.99% of the 100's of quick sales observed by TheAdvisory have gone through at 75%-80% of the property's ‘realistic value’.

In fact, any offer above 75% of today's realistic open market value of your property should be treated with a certain amount of suspicion.

************************************************** Please Note - If you're not sure of your property's "Realistic Value", you'll find the answer by asking yourself (or estate agents) this question:

"If I gave an estate agent 6 WEEKS to sell my house,WHAT PRICE would DEFINITELY secure a buyer?"


Quick cash house buyers provide a service - one that gives you a certain and speedy sale.

As you are no doubt aware, certainty and speed are rare commodities when selling property. This is why you have to pay for them by accepting a discounted sale price.

Are there Any Other Costs to Expect?

This depends! The reputable firms we've identified in the market do not charge any fees (they even pay your legal fees).

However, there are many organisations that will make you a verbal offer but then insist you pay an inflated price for their surveyor's valuation (anywhere from £200 - £600) before they'll put an offer in writing.

They will usually phrase it as a refundable payment for valuation, which sounds fine - it's "refundable" after all.

However, because the money is only refunded if you accept their offer, this system is wide open to abuse.

Companies can pocket a quick £200 just for making you a derisory offer. Do that a couple of times a day and you have a business that doesn't even need to buy any property to be profitable.

We highly recommend you steer clear of any home buying service that asks for an upfront payment of any kind.

Quick Sale Scams - A Word of Warning!

When someone needs the services of quick cash homebuyer it's normally because they're in a bit of a fix.

There are some excellent companies out there providing a transparent and valuable service, however there are also a fair few people just waiting to take advantage of your situation.

Since 2005, TheAdvisory has been educating house sellers about the various scams that exist, and pointing them towards reputable companies.

Such is the concern about homeowners being ripped off that the OFT have recently decided to investigate the "quick sale" market.

This has helped raise the public's awareness of the various pitfalls that exists, but regulation if it comes is a long way off and we have no way of knowing how effective it will be.

In the interim, we believe more needs to be done to educate homeowners so they can easily identify the genuine service providers and protect themselves from the agony of falling for the false promises of a disreputable firm.

Four points of concern that TheAdvisory has always warned against have also been highlighted by the OFT in their initial research:

1. Unclear fee structures, for example imposing an unexpected fee following an encouraging initial valuation, as a condition for progressing the service.

2. Reducing the price offered at the last minute after someone is financially committed to the transaction.

3. Making misleading claims about the value of the property or the level of discount to be applied to the sale.

4. Saying the property can be sold quickly then taking a long time to conclude the sale.

The 6 Rules To Staying Safe

As previously mention, we don't know what regulation will bring.

At best it may eradicate all rogue practices from the industry.

At worst it may cause another "sell and rent back" situation where by a valuable service is rendered unsustainable to business and unavailable to homeowners in need.

It may also reduce competition in the marketplace reducing the price homeowners are able to achieve for guaranteed "quick cash sale".

However, what we do know is that with or without regulation, if you stick to these 6 simple rules, you'll be able to identify a reputable provider and sell safely.

Don't stick to them and you're in real danger of coming a cropper.


RULE #1. If the buyer asks for any upfront payment of any kind - WALK AWAY!

RULE #2. If the buyer can not provide "proof of cash funds" upon your request - WALK AWAY!

RULE #3. If the buyer will not provide contact details of recent clients (so you can acertain customer service levels) - WALK AWAY!

RULE #4. If the buyer's "formal offer" is not based upon an indepented valuation report from a RICS Chartered Surveyor - WALK AWAY!

RULE #5. If the buyer will not share the RICS Valuation Report with you and / or your solicitor - WALK AWAY!

RULE #6. If the buyer asks you to sign a "lock-in" contract or "option agreement" - WALK AWAY!


This last point is the most important as it is your insurace against any attempted dirty tricks (leading up to the completion of the deal) as it leaves you able to walk away at anytime.

We can't stress this enough - DO NOT sign any type of lock-in contract or option agreement without first speaking to a solicitor.

A reputable firm will not ask you to sign anything except the final contract of sale upon exchange (just as with a traditional house sale).

Sell and Rent Back - Closed For Business!

This is now an industry regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) so make sure you check the FSA number of any company offering you sell and rent back.

However, TheAdvisory has found no regulated firms currently operating in the sector, so beware of any firms who say they are.

You can read our full report on the current status of the "Sale And Rent Back" sector here.

Need a "Quick Sale" Recommendation?
We Can Help You!

As we mentioned, www.TheAdvisory.co.uk is written and contributed to by property professionals from some of the UK's most successful house building companies.

Because of our involvement within the property industry, we know (and have dealt with) 99% of the reputable "fast cash" property companies currently working in the UK.

We are happy to recommend which ones are; safe to use, DO NOT charge any fees, DO NOT use option contract and best suit your situation and needs.

Because all buyers have different buying criteria, if you need a recommendation, simply email us (at info@TheAdvisory.co.uk) with some basic details about your property:



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Wishing you complete success with your sale,

Gavin Brazg (editor)

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Let me say how very relieved I was to find your website. Thank you for your help! The home buying companies you suggested could not have been more professional. You have lifted a great weight off my shoulders.
Mrs Hillier, (Essex, CM7)
Thank you SO much for all your help!
Mrs E A Thomas, (Somerset, BS20)
Thanks very very much for the help - I really appreciate it as I was feeling out of my depth knowing what to do and whom to contact.
Ms Manison, (Bristol, BS16)
Many thanks for the information.
Mr A Lichfield, (Cambridge, PE14)
Thank you for your assistance - much appreciated!
Mrs C Lawson, (Reading, RG4)
Many thanks for your quick response and the information.
L Lloyd, (Neath, SA10)
I am so glad I found your site, whilst not at all enjoying the repossession process; your advice has given me the confidence to now deal with it.
Ms B Potter, (Liverpool, L6)


"I was browsing your site earlier and I must say its coming on a treat. The advice you give is sound and unbiased. It makes a refreshing treat to see a bone-fide example of impartial advice available for the homebuyer and seller"
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"I've seen many sites that purport to advise on dealing with agents. Much of the advice is amateurish with no real insight into agents' practices. Your site shows a perceptive understanding of how agents operate. I say this as an ex-agent!"
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