Should You Choose The Cheapest Conveyancing Firm You Can Find?

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Buying a property is an expensive process. Apart from the cost of the property itself there are many other items of expenditure to take into account. There can be broker and and valuation fees, the final utility bills to settle for the property you are leaving, removal fees and of course, conveyancing fees.
There are so many costs in fact that you'll need to economise somewhere. No doubt you want to buy some new things for your new property and you'll probably want to decorate too. You won't want to skimp on these things so it's not surprising that many people are tempted to choose the cheapest conveyancing quote, but is this always wise?
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Does Choosing the Cheapest Conveyancing Mean Accepting Poor Quality?

All conveyancers are governed by strict conduct rules. Solicitors are governed by the Solicitors Code of Conduct and Licensed Conveyancers have their own code which sets a similar standard. The standards apply to all conveyancers, from the cheapest conveyancing to the most expensive. The fact that you paid only for the cheapest conveyancing cannot be used as an argument to defend poor service.

Unlike in many other industries, the codes that govern conveyancers actually mean something. Conveyancers could lose their practising certificates/licences if they do not comply and this means they will be out of business, since it is illegal for a solicitor to practise without a practising certificate or a licensed conveyancer to practice without a licence.

All conveyancers must carry professional indemnity insurance on which you can claim if they make a mistake, as a result of which you suffer a financial loss (and this doesn't only happen with the cheapest conveyancing!). Theoretically therefore the standards of the cheapest conveyancing firms should be basically the same as the most expensive.

What are the Disadvantages of the Cheapest Conveyancing Firms?

In order to save money and offer the cheapest conveyancing, the cheapest conveyancing firms obviously need to save money somewhere. You are likely therefore to receive a less personal service. Your case might be dealt with by a team rather than one individual, it is unlikely that you will ever meet anyone from the firm in person and whoever deals with your case will not be a solicitor or licensed conveyancer. In fact often only the partners/directors of the firm will be qualified (which is required by law) but you will not usually be able to speak to them.

There are many very talented unqualified conveyancers however there are also some poor ones. As they are not regulated the poorer ones tend to move from firm to firm every couple of years so that by the time any mistakes they have made come to light they have moved on. A solicitor would be reported to the SRA for this but there is noone to report unqualified conveyancers to.

The cheapest conveyancing firms will often not be able to answer questions on other areas of the law, such as probate, matrimonial or tax law.

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