Pros and Cons of Conveyancing Comparison Websites

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Just like just about any other product or service you can think of these days, put the words “conveyancing comparison” into a search engine and you'll find the internet awash with likely lads, each offering you the best service at the lowest price.
The question is? Are they worth using or are you better off going it alone?
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The advantage of any comparison website is of course that it brings lots of different providers together in one place, rather like a supermarket does with different brands of the same product. On the face of it then surely conveyancing comparison websites are the way to go? Maybe, but they're not perfect. Here are some of the main features of conveyancing quote comparison websites together with the pros and cons of each.

Costs of Using Conveyancing Comparison Websites

Conveyancing comparison websites are businesses and when they introduce a client to a conveyancer they naturally expect a fee. This fee is payable by the conveyancer but ultimately it is likely to find its way on to your bill. You should be told about this as there are strict rules governing the disclosure of referral fees but that doesn't mean you can do anything about it. The contract between the conveyancing comparison website and the conveyancer usually prohibits the conveyancer from acting for a client if he cancels the instruction and then approached the conveyancer directly in the hope of avoiding the referral fee.

On the flip side of that, the conveyancing fee payable when you are introduced to the firm through a comparison website is often less then if you approach the firm direct. This is because the conveyancing comparison provider will set low fees as a condition for admission on to its panel of conveyancers. The conveyancer can afford to do this because it knows it will get increased volumes of work in return.

Conveyancing Comparison Website Panels

There is no such thing as a conveyancing comparison website that lists quotes for every conveyancer, in fact none even come close. Conveyancing comparison sites maintain a panel of conveyancers to whom they provide work. The size of the panel will depend on the amount of referrals which the site receives.

Although this limits you to small percentage of all of the conveyancers out there, the advantage is that the conveyancing comparison website will generally only admit conveyancers who meet a certain standard of service to its panel, as well as keeping prices down.

Accountability of Conveyancers to Conveyancing Comparison Providers

Depending on the amount of work which the conveyancing comparison site is able to provide it can have a major influence on how the conveyancer operates. If the firm relies on the referrals for its survival than naturally it will give a lot of weight to the conveyancing comparison website's requirements.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing. On the plus side, if you are dissatisfied with the conveyancer then you may be able to refer your complaint to the referrer and receive quick satisfaction. On the down side, it is always possible that the conveyancer will put the conveyancing comparison website's needs above yours.

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