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Conveyancing explained is the explanation of the Act of transferring property title from one person to another and the legal process of conveyancing.
By the study of articles on conveyancing explained anyone could have a good knowledge on the difference between a solicitor and the licensed conveyancer.
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It is the job of a conveyancer to look over the matters of financial information of the sale contract or the purchase contract of the parties in agreement. He must ensure that all the terms of the contract are reasonable and conditions are fair too.

It is the job of the seller’s conveyancer or solicitor to prepare the necessary documents and incorporate land registry details there by preparing a sale contract and forward it to the buyer’s conveyancer.

After receiving the sale contract from the seller’s conveyancer it is the job of the buyer’s conveyancer to quickly prepare a search apply in different bodies and also in the local authorities. It is the duty of the buyer’s conveyancer to receive a mortgage offer in case the buyer ha s applied for mortgage scheme and borrows money. Copy of mortgage offer is needed to confirm that buyer has the sufficient capital to fund the entire transaction and complete it.

Both the conveyancer must agree with the sale contract, otherwise they are free to reject the process of transaction.

This changing mentality among people has given rise to conveyancing in a rapid manner. Every hour new property or new lands are being purchased and similarly old properties and old lands are being sold.

Conveyancing explained is the term which gives the clear explanation of all matters related to sale, purchase and re-mortgage of property. Actually every one who has a plan to sale or purchase land or property should have the knowledge on conveyancing, and for that conveyancing explained is necessary.

From conveyancing explained, it is to be noted that law society regulates the solicitor and he has the permission to practice on conveyancing and on other legal matters of law. Whereas licensed conveyancer council regulates the licensed conveyancer and the licensed conveyancer have the permission of practice in the field of conveyancing only.

Conveyancing explained also provides the details on re-mortgaging of property. Re-mortgaging is the changing of the current lender. A new lender is being chosen for the property. Riles and regulations for re-mortgaging are provided in detail format in any conveyancing explained documents.

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RESOURCES - Conveyancing:

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