Is Professional Conveyancing Help Essential?

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Doing your own conveyancing is not easy. Some firms of solicitors will simply refuse to deal with a buyer or seller acting in person and others will treat him or her with contempt.
All must approach such a situation with caution and none must do or say anything which could be construed as giving advice since this in turn could be construed as exerting undue influence on the unrepresented party if it assists the solicitor's client or acting against the interests of his own client if it assists the unrepresented party. If you are looking for DIY conveyancing help therefore, you must look elsewhere.
Fortunately, there are sources of assistance available, though all carry the same caveat - they do not constitute legal advice and you are proceeding entirely at your own risk.
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Conveyancing Help from HM Land Registry

The Land Registry is the government body which maintains the electronic register of land ownership in England and Wales. As it has to remain neutral at all times, it cannot give either party any conveyancing help for a particular transaction however it does produce a serious of guides dealing with land registry procedures and certain aspects of land law.

The guides are split into two categories - practice guides, which are more technical and assume a certain level of legal knowledge and public guides, which are aimed at the layman. The guides can be downloaded from the land registry website free of charge. They are useful, however they will not offer conveyancing help when it comes to dealing with enquiries or drafting a contract.

Conveyancing Help from the Internet

There are some really useful sites on the internet offering conveyancing help either for free or for a small charge. As with any internet site offering advice you should approach with caution. There is no guarantee that the information will be accurate and/or up to date. Just put something like “free conveyancing help” into a search engine, or a specific question if you have one.

You will need to make sure that any website you are choosing relates to England & Wales. The web address is a good indication, does it end with If so it is likely to be based in the UK though it could still relate to Northern Ireland or Scotland. If you are not sure, and if there is no facility to ask the website owner, then you should not use it.

Conveyancing Help from Books

Hundreds of books have been written about various aspects of land law and conveyancing. They tend to be quite expensive when new and might swallow up any savings you were hoping to make, but try second hand book shops, the library or websites like Amazon or Ebay. Look for a book which contains a number of precedent documents which you can copy and amend to suit your requirements.

You do need to be careful however. The law does change from time to time and obviously any conveyancing help offered by older books has the potential to be out of date. Following this could put your transaction at risk or even lead you to suffer loss years down the line.

RESOURCES - Conveyancing:

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