Conveyancing Live - Who Are They?

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Conveyancing Live are an online conveyancing service for buyers and sellers of residential property.
With Conveyancing Live both parties can be serviced by their "no move and no fee" service. They were formed in 1996.
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Conveyancing Live is an online service that pioneered the use of "online case tracking" in monitor the progress of your transaction.

If you are buying a home you will need to agree a price for your new home with the seller. This usually occurs through the seller’s estate agent. This process can be done by Conveyancing Live. As a buyer you will provide Conveyancing Live with details of your new home and any searches that need to be conducted then Conveyancing Live with tell you the amount to pay for the cost of these searches.

Conveyancing Live will then help you make the application to your bank or building society for your mortgage and pay them the valuation fee. Conveyancing Live might also assist you with carrying out your own survey or inspection at this point of the process.

Conveyancing Live will moderate receiving the draft contract papers and the property information forms. This will all come from the seller’s conveyancing agents and all the necessary searches and additional enquiries regarding the purchase of the home will be handled by Conveyancing Live.

Once you have received the offer for the mortgage and Conveyancing Live has obtained answers to any questions you may have had, you will receive a report on the legal title. This report will include any pending liens or delinquent taxes.

Conveyancing Live will read the report on the legal title and once it is approved Conveyancing Live will get your signature for the contract in preparation of the exchange of contracts. At this point, Conveyancing Live may facilitate a date to close or complete the purchase. This date might be called the date of the settlement. You will need to have the deposit money ready to give to the seller and Conveyancing Live could take this and handle this step for you.

Once both parties are ready to exchange contracts, Conveyancing Live may appear for you on your behalf. Conveyancing Live may also pay your deposit money to the seller’s conveyancers because as of this date the completion will be fixed and you will be bound by law to complete the transaction. Also at this step of the process, Conveyancing Live will prepare all and any legal documentation that you will need to sign to go through with the purchasing of the property or real estate.

All final searches will be carried out as well as a statement of your account will be provided to the seller’s property solicitor. Conveyancing Live will take care of the final searches as well as providing the final statement to the seller’s solicitor.

Conveyancing Live will both receive and approve the legal documentation which transfers ownership of the home or said property from the seller to the buyer. A final requisition questionnaire will also be completed by Conveyancing Live.

RESOURCES - Conveyancing:

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