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"If You Want A Conveyancing Solicitor That
Rips You Off, Baffles You With Jargon And
Makes A Mess Of Your Move...

Then Don't Read On!

Good conveyancing can be cheap these days. You just have to know where to look...

Unfortunately many estate agents & mortgage brokers still recommend conveyancing property solicitors; not on merit but on the size of their referral fee (£600 is not unheard of - you pay for that by the way)!

So if you want to cut the cost of your conveyancing solicitor, online is where you'll find the best deals.

Of course, instructing a property lawyer over the Internet raises it's own set of questions: "Who are you dealing with?" "Are they any good?" "Are their online quotes accurate?"

To help steer you towards the "best of the net" we've written reviews of the online conveyancing services that we use and rely on daily.

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Conveyancing Feedback

Our 2 Recommended Conveyancing Services!


conveyquote.co.uk - Cheapest Genuine Quotes In The UK!

conveyquote.co.uk is currently the cheapest provider of conveyancing in the UK.

Why We Recommend conveyquote.co.uk

Now as you know, here at TheAdvisory we never recommend any service that we have not first used ourselves.

We never recommend anything that we have not personally tested.

A number of the team are professional property investors and in order to thoroughly test the conveyquote.co.uk service, we've placed 17 cases with them throughout the year.

As such, this review has been a couple of months in the making...

Despite initial worries about the quotes being a little too good to be true, I'm happy to report that the whole team here at TheAdvisory are total converts.

It seems that the "conveyancing bar" has been raised and finally the public can expect a great service at an extremely low price.

Apart from one minor hiccup (which I must stress was NOT the fault of the solicitor at conveyquote.co.uk), all 17 of our investment purchases completed on time and with a fair amount of good humour - virtually unheard of from a conveyancer. Especially ones that offer their services at such competitive rates.

What is So Good About conveyquote.co.uk?

The website provides fast and accurate conveyancing quotes on a no sale, no fee basis.

If you find a cheaper conveyancing quote anywhere on the web you should be extremely sceptical as to how genuine it is.

Our research has show that many websites provide inaccurate (and misleading) quotes that are made to look cheap in order to trick inexperienced home movers into signing up with an aggressive firm.

Who Are conveyquote.co.uk?

This website is run by well establish Licensed Conveyancers with a proven track record and excellent service record.

The conveyancers behind the website are fully regulated by The Council for Licensed Conveyancers and as such bound by strict rules regarding service standards and consumer protection.

What are Licensed Conveyancers?

Basically they're exactly the same as Solicitors except that the only area of law they deal with is property conveyancing.

In my opinion, Licensed Conveyancers actually provide a better service compared to multi discipline solicitors because from the top of the firm to the bottom, all they're concerned with is providing the best conveyancing service possible.

Our Conclusions On conveyquote.co.uk

If your priority is to save as much money as possible on conveyancing but are not prepared to compromise on the quality of service you receive, the team at conveyquote.co.uk are definitely worth talking to (read what others say).

conveyquote.co.uk - UK's Cheapest Conveyancing Fees!



CompareAndConvey - Best Quality Of Service In The UK!

CompareAndConvey is the UK's #1 conveyancing price comparison site and your best choice if you want to guarantee you receive the best level of service possible.

You'll find many imitators advertising on Google but none have the same quality of solicitors on offer.

For example, instead of the usual "conveyor belt" call centre rubbish - you'll find the cream of trusted conveyancing specialists such as: "Beaumont Legal", "Harding Evans LLP", "Lawcomm Solicitors" & "FWD Law Associates".

They all provide a quick and reliable conveyancing service.

For added piece of mind, you can even read live unedited client reviews on each solicitor from within the CompareAndConvey website.

It's worth noting that all these top quality property solicitors quote "discounted fixed fees" on a "no completion - no fee" basis (backed by genuine service level guarantees).

What do I mean by "discounted fixed fees"!?...

Well, because CompareAndConvey generates such a large, steady and reliable volume of business - economies of scale allow the solicitors they work with to reduce their operating costs and offer you their services at the cheapest price possible.

You will pay a substantialy cheaper price by instructing a solicitor through the CompareAndConvey website compared to going direct to that same solicitor!

It is a mixed blessing that the Internet has turned conveyancing in to such a competitive industry.

On the one hand it has forced down prices but on the other, it has led to most solicitors having to cheat in order to survive.

The nasty practice of quoting very low headline prices but hiding away in the small print (or under a vague supplemental fee section) many £100's of standard and compulsory extras is everywhere - online and in the high street.

CompareAndConvey is the exception to this worrying trend.

We regularly test the UK's Top 200 conveyancing services and always find the quotes on CompareAndConvey to be fully itemised, 100% accurate and simple to understand.

CompareAndConvey is one of the few places where the online conveyancing quote always matches the solicitor's final bill.

For a STRESS-FREE transaction, the CompareAndConvey service is highly recommended and one that I personally use (and rely on) regularly.

CompareAndConvey.co.uk - Get Fast Online Quotes Here!

Our Two Favourite Conveyancing Services!

conveyquote.co.uk - The UK's Cheapest Genuine Quotes!

CompareAndConvey.co.uk - Best Quality Of Service In The UK!

Conveyancing Quotes - A Word of Warning!

It's scandalous how many solicitors are out to con you by providing quotes that require a degree in Legal Forensics to enable you to uncover the numerous (and hefty) hidden extras they contain.

Before you commit to using any High Street Solicitor, online conveyancing website or estate agent recommend service, please read our money saving guide:

>> How to Avoid Being Fleeced By Conveyancing Solicitors

[About the editor - Gavin originally trained as an Architect, studied a Masters Degree in Property Development & Planning, worked in the central London commercial property market and has been employed by a number of the UK's leading plc house building companies.
The contacts he has made over the years has given him access to some of the UK's most experienced property professionals - It is their knowledge that you'll find within this website]

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