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"Free Online House Valuations - Zoopla!"
(Find out your home's value FAST)

If you want to get a quick, free and accurate property valuation without having to contact an estate agent, the best site out there is Zoopla!

Using Zoopla! to find out your home's value is easy...

Simply enter some info about your property and register your details.

Zoopla! will then immediately present you with a free online house valuation. It's the most accurate site of it's kind - We use it daily.

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free online house valuation

Getting a free online house valuation has always been a bit of a hit or miss affair.

There are a few AVM's (Automated Valuation Models) out there; Mouseprice, HomeTrack & PropertyPriceAdvice but in our opinion, none can hold a candle to Zoopla! for accuracy.

Zoopla! provide FREE house value estimates for EVERY home in the UK as well as the usual "sold price" data from the Government Land Registry that many sites take a feed from.

How To Get A FREE Online Property Valuation From Zoopla!

Getting your free online house valuation through Zoopla! is quick and easy:

1. Enter street, postcode or area into the Zoopla! box below & click "Get Home Value".

2. Find your property from the list displayed.

3. Click "Get Estimate" or "Refine Estimate".

4. Fill in your property details.

5. REGISTER to see your valuation for FREE.

Find Out How Much Your House Is Worth For FREE!

Get FREE, instant current home values...

Powered by Zoopla!

IMPRORTANT: When you find your property in Zoopla! you may find that a house value is already displayed for your property.

This will not be as accurate a valuation as it can be and you will need to click Refine Estimate, enter some info about your home and REGISTER (takes about 3 minutes in total).

Once you've done this Zoopla! will immediately update the free online valuation for your house.

This will be as accurate a house valuation as you can get.

If you're worried about online security and spam have no fear. Registering on Zoopla! is 100% secure and they have strict spam policy.

How Does Zoopla! Accurately Estimate
Property Value?

Zoopla! free online home value estimates are calculated using a proprietary valuation algorithm that has been developed by analying millions of data points relating to property sales and home characteristics throughout the UK.

The algorithm works by comparing relationships between home prices, economic trends and property attributes in micro geographic areas.

The property valuation estimates are constantly refined, using the most recent data available and a variety of statistical methodologies.

This provides you with the most current information on any home.

In Plain English What Does That Mean?

Basically it means that unbiased property value estimates are calculated by mashing together sold price data from the Land Registry (& Scottish Registers) with house price trend analysis from Banks and the prices that property are currently on the market for.

This is all done on a local level and further refined when you (the homeowner) enters extra data about your home (how big is the garden, do you have a garage, how big is the house etc..).

Find Out How Much Your House Is Worth For FREE!

Get FREE, instant current home values...

Powered by Zoopla!


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