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Advice On How To Sell Fast Using "House For Cash Schemes"

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If you need advice on how to sell, house for cash schemes, or sell and rent back schemes, trust in a website that isn't moderated by estate agents!
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House For Cash Schemes - Intro

The estate agent profession is possibly one of the most unpopular professions in the UK - is it all true or do estate agents just suffer from the common misfortune of 'bad rap'?

If you need advice on how to sell, house for cash schemes, sell and rent back schemes or other ways to get equity out of your property, maybe agents are the ones who you can put 100% trust in.

But it's not just in the UK that they are branded for their heavy sales tactics. They are universally known to be dishonest and have only their sales figure in mind when giving a seller any kind of advice.

A recent YouGov poll tells us that two out of three people do not trust estate agents, and 43% think that they are being paid too much.

The problem is that they are the only professionals in the housing market who do not have to satisfy competency standards, and of course, they are completely unregulated. But just like any industry, you have your good apples and rotten eggs.

Sometimes you may just need to rely your gut instinct. But where do you turn when your need advice on how to sell?

House for Cash Schemes - The Unbiased Truth

Many property firms offer schemes where you can have your home sold for cash, or you can sell you house and rent back, essentially taking yourself off the property ladder and becoming a tenant in your own home.

These plans help those who are struggling with debt and mortgage payments, or those who are worried about having their home repossessed. Making this move is a big decision, so who do you consult about something like this? Your mum? Your estate agent? Or the builder who lives down the road?

The Website That Gives You Advice On
How To Sell

House for cash schemes and sell and rent back schemes can get you and your family out of trouble when the final notices start to pile up.

More and more people in the UK are struggling with debt and late mortgage payments and unemployment still continues to rise. But sue to the lack of regulation required, not all of these property firms can be trusted.

TheAdvisory.so.uk is a website, written by property professionals in the UK House Building industry, and they believe that they are the best people to advise you on matters regarding your house. They share one core goal as you, the seller - to sell for the highest possible price. Unlike estate agents, solicitors and cash buyers, editors at TheAdvisory.co.uk do not want your money.

Having spent years in the UK House Building industry, the have come across the same problems as sellers - from unrealistic buyers, untrustworthy estate agents, slow solicitors and inept mortgage brokers, they've experienced it all. And now they have put together a comprehensive archive of expert advice to help you avoid these problems.

This website has been recommended by The Times, The Evening Standard and Time Out London.

For more information, click Find Reputable Quick House Sale Co's! for all the information you will need before selling your home.

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"I was browsing your site earlier and I must say its coming on a treat. The advice you give is sound and unbiased. It makes a refreshing treat to see a bone-fide example of impartial advice available for the homebuyer and seller"
Simon Jones [Director - MoveHomeOnline.co.uk]
"I've seen many sites that purport to advise on dealing with agents. Much of the advice is amateurish with no real insight into agents' practices. Your site shows a perceptive understanding of how agents operate. I say this as an ex-agent!"
Chris Dobson [Director - EstatesForum.co.uk]

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