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Houses Bought for Cash - Who Are These Companies?

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As the UK faces a massive debt problem, there is an increasing number of houses bough for cash, and often below market value - who are these companies and what's in it for them?
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Houses Bought For Cash Intro

Houses bought for cash are becoming more common in the UK, and most of the time, it is the only way to avoid repossession.

Most people who are selling their properties for cash will have exhausted all their other options such as re-mortgaging, debt consolidation loans and payment plans.

For these people, a company who offers to give you a quick sale for cash in hand just seems like an opportunity not to be missed.

Homeowners who have their houses bought for cash by a quick sale company can have the transaction completed within days, have all paperwork taken care of, all legals fees handled, and all this happens with very little hassle to you. Seems to good to be true?

This really is the upside to houses bought for cash, and you can be sure that you won't have to pay any money upfront. So why are property firms so quick to offer us cash for our homes?

Houses Bought For Cash - Who Wants Them?

An organisation who is willing to pay cash within a matter of days will not offer you the full market price.

This is the deal. Most cash buyers will pay anything as low as 70% for your property, and realistically, if you are offered anything higher than 75%, you should be wary about how genuine they are.

Paying you such a low percentage of the recommended market value is the price you have to pay if you want to put a stop to repossession.

And because they are able to get your house for such a low price, it is no trouble for these organisations to handle all your bills and legal fees, and pretty much bend over backwards to complete the process within a few working days.

What Does a Company Do With
Houses Bought for Cash?

So why do people want to fork out cash upfront and pay for all the fees involved?

Houses bought for cash at 70-75% of market value are then sold on at budget prices to investors or young professionals who want to climb the property ladder, but can't afford a house otherwise.

Who Can You Trust?

With so many people in the UK wondering how they can get houses sold for cash, quickly, it's no wonder that they have become vulnerable victims of misleading advice.

Here at TheAdvisory.co.uk you will find impartial advice, as recommended by The Time Online, Alison Cork of The Evening Standard, and said to be one of the "best property websites of 2008" by Time Out London.

For more information, click Find Reputable Quick House Sale Co's! for all the information you will need before selling your home.

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