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What Are My Options If I Need To
Sell My Home Fast?

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With so many people in the UK having their homes repossessed, we've all had to consider emergency options – what do I do if I need to sell my home fast?
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Need A Fast House Sale?

If like the rest of us, you've been wondering, “what are my options if I need to sell my home fast?” then you're in good company. We all know someone who has struggled with their bills, or credit card payments, and most of us know at least one person who has re-mortgaged their house to save a business or to ease their outgoings.

We are all aware of the existence of debt companies and property firms who can offer schemes that claim to help us get out of trouble. But what avenues are available if I need to sell my home fast and move on with little hassle?

I Need to Sell My Home Fast - What Can I Do?

· Sell your house for cash – release the equity in your home and get a cash payment. These services can be done within days and you do not usually need to pay fees upfront. But expect to sell your home for 70-75% of market value.

· Put your house up for auction – this can be done at local auction houses or even through online auctions and this is a quick way to dispose of unwanted property to eager investors.

· Sell your house and rent back – this is a good way to put a stop to repossession, sell your house and not have to uproot the family.

· Get your house on the market – get a realistic valuation and choose agents that you can trust to sell your house. If you want to sell your home quickly, you may need to spend money on refurbishing.

Beware of False Prophets

So the options are there, but what if I need to sell my home fast with people that I can actually trust with my livelihood? Then where do I turn?

There are many people out there who can get a direct benefit from the decisions you make. Advertise your home with a low asking price, and the buyer is going to grab themselves a lovely bargain.

Have your home valued by an estate agent who gives you a price that is a complement rather than realistic, and they could get commission for winning your business. Sell your home for cash at less than market value and the property firm can sell it on for a chunky profit.

Wherever you turn, there are people who can ride the wave of success on the back of your misfortune.

So how can I avoid this when I have little time and need to sell my home fast?

· Research - don't trust the first piece of advice you come across. The internet is a valuable resource and you can find plenty of information from different sources. Be pro-active about making calls and enquiries.

· Trust expert advice – estate agents may not give you an accurate valuation as they are required by law only to give an opinion. Call on a chartered surveyor if you are unsure and seek the help of professionals who may have a better understanding of the housing market.

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