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To achieve a quick house sale at maximum price, the outside of your property needs to make a good first impression.
The outside of your house is the 1st thing buyers will see - The 1st thing buyers will judge!
This article shows you how create (what our US cousins like to call) 'kerb appeal' by applying our 7 top tips for presenting the outside of your house and garden.
These little things will play a large part when you're trying to sell a house quick, for the best possible price.
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Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #1

Make sure your front door looks it's best!

A front door should be an impressive and strong object.

It should also be in mint condition, after all, buyers will come nose to nose with it.

Jobs to consider if needed:

  1. Repaint in a conservative colour (black, blue, white, red or green).
  2. Polish all knobs and knockers or replace if dated.
  3. Make sure your doorbell works and doesn't look like it could give an electric shock.

Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #2

Freshen-up the exterior!

If the exterior of your property is looking a little tired, these4 simple jobs will improve your chances of a quick property sale:

  1. Sand back and make good any peeled paintwork around window & doorframes.
  2. Wash down windows to remove pollution grim.
  3. Repaint the exterior (especially if it's white).
  4. Replace any broken roof tiles.
  5. Scrub away any build-up of moss around drains (a sure sign to surveyors that there is a drainage problem to tell the buyer's mortgage lender about).

Finally, make sure you can clearly see your house number from the street.

Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #3

Tidy-up your garden!

To sell property quickly everything needs to be looking "spic and span". In the garden basic maintenance is all that's needed so consider:

  1. Mowing the lawn.
  2. Clipping back and neatening any hedges.
  3. Keeping the flowerbeds, driveways and paths weed free.
  4. Removing any plants that have died.
  5. Keeping your front garden clear of any dead leaves.

Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #4

Clear up any outdoors clutter!

If you have a driveway, the only thing on show should be a clean car. Anything else will just detract from the good impression your creating.

Remove from site:

  1. Children's toys and bikes.
  2. Dustbins and other rubbish.
  3. Hose, tools, lawnmower etc.
  4. Any projects you may be working on.

Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #5

Keep boundaries well maintained!

Check and make sure that any fences, gates, railings or outside walls are in good repair.

They may seem like minor points but it will definitely be worth your while repainting, re-staining or replacing anything that looks a bit beaten-up.

Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #6

Know which way your garden faces!

Because they get the most sun, a south or southwest facing garden is a selling point.

When buyers ask, make sure you can tell them which way yours faces.

Quick House Sale Presentation Tip #7

Know that usable outdoor space adds value!

Whether it's a roof terrace, patio or full-blown garden, make the most of whatever you've got.

Creating a simple seating area is usually all it takes to show the potential for entertaining or relaxing outdoors.


  1. Buying table and chairs from the garden centre to demonstrate "alfresco" dinning potential.
  2. Leave out sun lounges if you're selling in the summer.
  3. Install bamboo screens, trellising or planting if the space lacks privacy from neighbours.
  4. Using pot plants, window boxes and hanging baskets to make bare outdoor spaces more colourful and interesting.
  5. Using gravel or small stones to make easy to maintain, good-looking ground cover.

Quick House Sale Prep - Conclusions

Lots of buyers "drive-by" property to check it's worth their while booking a proper viewing appointment.

Don't give them the chance to form the wrong 1st impression or worse (just drive away).

For a quick house sale, above all else keep the outside neat and tidy.

If you need further guidance (over and above the information you'll find on this website), the following books are the best available:

Design Books:

There are of course tons of books out there to gain added inspiration from. Most are a bit of a let down.

They may have beautiful photos but tend to lack any really useful instruction. There are two exceptions:

If you need "design inspiration" you'll find heaps of it in either or these.

They are immediately useful - basically being instruction manuals on how to get more pleasure from your home. The information and ideas they contain will certainly help to sell your property faster.

DIY Instruction Manual:

Collins, Readers Digest, Harry Greene - these are all solid DIY books but none come close to:

Home Staging:

In terms of specific books on home staging, the best we've ever come across is written (unfortunately) for the American market.

Thankfully the information is just as effective over here:

This is the latest book by Barb Schwartz (the undisputed queen of home staging for over 35 years). It is pretty much the bible of home staging techniques.

The only UK based book worth anything is:

It's not as detailed as Barb Schwartz's book but it still shows you many ways to increase your chances of achieving quick house sale, for maximum profit.

Quality Boxes Used By the Removals Industry:

Clearing & de-cluttering you house becomes so much easier when you have the right tools.

Trying to find sturdy cardboard boxes that stack & keep your valuable belonging safe is harder than you may first think.

www.helpineedboxes.co.uk is an award winning company started by Ex-Removals professionals.. they just sell boxes.

Property Staging Consultants

Most of us cannot see the imperfections in our own home and may not be sure which changes will meet market expectations.

To get the answers it�s possible to employ the services of a professional home staging expert who will give objective and impartial advice on changes to add wow factor and improve buyer appeal.

It�s this wow factor, mainly created by low cost cosmetic changes, which gives property its best chance of enticing buyers and achieving the ceiling price.

That is, the maximum selling price � which can be many thousands of pounds different from the price a buyer is willing to pay due to their perceived value.

House Wow Ltd offer UK wide Property Staging services with options for a written report after viewing property images, hands on support to declutter, clean and present the property for maximum selling price and a faster sale.

www.housewow.co.uk the best house staging consultants in the business.

RESOURCES - Quick House Sale:

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