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Quick Property Sale | Hallway Presentation

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To achieve a quick property sale at maximum price, give a little thought to the presentation of your hallway.
A well-presented hallway sets the tone of a house. It's where buyers form their first and last impression of the inside of your property.
This article shows you how to turn your entrance hall into a welcoming, well ordered space.
These following 4 presentation tips will help you to sell your house quickly for the maximum price.
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Quick Property Sale Presentation Tip #1

Clear the clutter!

Hallways can easily become filled with coats, shoes, umbrellas, bikes, post and any number of other objects.

Find a place for all these things and keep them neatly out of sight. It makes your hall more welcoming.

If your hallway is narrow, remove any furniture (e.g. side table or coat stand) to further increase the feeling of space.

You should be able to move through a hallway easily.

If you have to sidestep any objects, remove them for the period of your sale.

Quick Property Sale Presentation Tip #2

Lighten up!

Often without a window to let in natural light, the hall can be one of the darkest places in a house.

Make the hall lighter and brighter by:

  • Repainting the walls a neutral colour and the ceiling in white.
  • Changing light bulbs to halogens.
  • Adding new ceiling or wall lights.
  • Hanging a large mirror next to the door (or at the end of the hall) to reflect light.
  • Leaving doors to other parts of the house open to borrow light.

Quick Property Sale Presentation Tip #3

Think about your flooring!

To sell a house quickly everything needs to be looking "spic and span". If your flooring is truly worn-out and beyond salvation, replace it!

Running the same flooring from the hall through to adjoining rooms ties a house together. It also makes your house feel more spacious.

Good choices of flooring are:

  • Natural hardwearing sea grass, coir or sisal.
  • Laminated wood flooring.

Quick Property Sale Presentation Tip #4

Finishing touches!

There is no need to go overboard decorating your hall but introducing flowers or a sturdy potted plant will give the space personality and colour.

If your hall is long, 2 or 3 framed prints or arty photos hung at the same height along the wall will break up the space.

Exposed radiators (unless they are cast-iron period features) tend to be eyesores.

It's worth fitting a decorative cover and turning the eyesore into a feature.

If you do not already have one, a sturdy doormat just inside the front door is also essential.

It welcomes buyers and saves you having to keep cleaning floors soiled by muddy shoes.

Quick Property Sale Prep - Conclusions

For a quick property sale, don't neglect your hall. It's not the most important room in the house but done well, leaves a lasting impression.

If you can make the hall light, welcoming and clutter free, you'll immediately give buyers a positive feeling.

It's then up to the other rooms to build on this and help secure a quick house sale.

If you need further guidance (over and above the information you'll find on this website), the following books are the best available:

Design Books:

There are of course tons of books out there to gain added inspiration from. Most are a bit of a let down.

They may have beautiful photos but tend to lack any really useful instruction. There are two exceptions:

If you need "design inspiration" you'll find heaps of it in either or these.

They are immediately useful - basically being instruction manuals on how to get more pleasure from your home. The information and ideas they contain will certainly help to sell your property faster.

DIY Instruction Manual:

Collins, Readers Digest, Harry Greene - these are all solid DIY books but none come close to:

Home Staging:

In terms of specific books on home staging, the best we've ever come across is written (unfortunately) for the American market.

Thankfully the information is just as effective over here:

This is the latest book by Barb Schwartz (the undisputed queen of home staging for over 35 years). It is pretty much the bible of home staging techniques.

The only UK based book worth anything is:

It's not as detailed as Barb Schwartz's book but it still shows you many ways to increase your chances of achieving quick property sale, for maximum profit.

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Property Staging Consultants

Most of us cannot see the imperfections in our own home and may not be sure which changes will meet market expectations.

To get the answers it�s possible to employ the services of a professional home staging expert who will give objective and impartial advice on changes to add wow factor and improve buyer appeal.

It�s this wow factor, mainly created by low cost cosmetic changes, which gives property its best chance of enticing buyers and achieving the ceiling price.

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