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To sell a house quickly at maximum price, give some thought to the presentation of your bedrooms.
Bedrooms need to feel comfortable, calm and spacious. Good storage is essential and the bed must be the centre of attention.
The following 6 bedroom presentation tips you will help you achieve a quick house sale at the maximum price.
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Sell a House Quickly Presentation Tip #1

Get the basics right!

As with the living and dinning rooms:

  1. Clear the clutter (including any TV's, computers or clothes that are not hung in wardrobes).
  2. Neutralise the walls (or choose a very subtle shade - "Soft Montelimar" or "Celtic Forest 4" from Dulux always work well).
  3. Take a good look at the floor.

Once you've got the foundation right the following 5 tips will help you build on that and help you secure a quick house sale.

Sell a House Quickly Presentation Tip #2

You only need a little furniture!

All you need in a bedroom is:

  • A bed
  • A bedside table (one either side if it's a double)
  • A wardrobe

That's it! Anything else is just taking up space.

Sell a House Quickly Presentation Tip #3

Prove it's a double!

Double bedrooms are worth more money than singles.

It sounds obvious but if the room's large enough (bigger than 2.7 x 2.7m), make sure you have a double bed in it - leave buyers in no-doubt!

Ideally you should position the bed so you can get in from both sides.

This arrangement makes a room feel larger and more balanced and is far better than having the bed wedged in a corner, up against two walls.

Sell a House Quickly Presentation Tip #4

Good storage is vital!

Built-in cupboards are best but a freestanding wardrobe is also good.

Buyers always like to have a "nose around" inside cupboards so make it neat and tidy in there.

If you're trying to sell a property quickly, aim to keep you're your cupboards less than 75% full.

A little bit of breathing space will increase the feeling that yours is a well order (and in-turn, desirable) home.

It's not great when buyers see cupboards full to bursting. They immediately assume that if there's not enough storage space for you, there won't be enough for them.

Following the 75% rule makes sure this won't happen.

Sell a House Quickly Presentation Tip #5

Accessorise to add the final touch!

Here are a few ideas to inexpensively give your bedrooms the edge:

  1. Place matching lamps on bedside tables.
  2. Install a simple headboard to give the bed more presence.
  3. Buy a bedspread to cover the base of the bed.
  4. Fresh flowers in a vase next to the bed or on top of a chest of draws add colour.
  5. Buy crisp white bed linen.
  6. Turn the bed into more of a focal point by dressing it with sumptuous scatter cushions and a colour coordinated throw.
  7. Replace heavily patterned curtains with blinds in a neutral colour. Light fabric curtains that are colour coordinated to the bed also work well.

Sell a House Quickly Presentation Tip #6

How to deal with children's rooms!

Kid's rooms will never be immaculate - buyers don't expect them to be.

However, there are a few things that will help them present better:

  1. Tidy away the clutter, toys, games and books into matching storage boxes. Ikea have some attractive ones so there's no problem leaving them on-show.
  2. Try to cut back on posters. 2 or 3 in simple frames are fine.
  3. Try to neutralize bedspreads and any overtly "kiddyish" decoration as much as possible.

Sell a House Quickly - Conclusions

Above all else make sure all the bedrooms are functioning as bedrooms.

If you can provide adequate storage and keep the space clutter-free, you'll impress buyers no end.

Finally, always remember to have the beds made whenever you're showing your house.

It's a fair amount of work but you're efforts will go along way to helping you sell your house quickly.

If you need further guidance (over and above the information you'll find on this website), the following books are the best available:

Design Books:

There are of course tons of books out there to gain added inspiration from. Most are a bit of a let down.

They may have beautiful photos but tend to lack any really useful instruction. There are two exceptions:

If you need "design inspiration" you'll find heaps of it in either or these.

They are immediately useful - basically being instruction manuals on how to get more pleasure from your home. The information and ideas they contain will certainly help to sell your house quickly.

DIY Instruction Manual:

Collins, Readers Digest, Harry Greene - these are all solid DIY books but none come close to:

Home Staging:

In terms of specific books on home staging, the best we've ever come across is written (unfortunately) for the American market.

Thankfully the information is just as effective over here:

This is the latest book by Barb Schwartz (the undisputed queen of home staging for over 35 years). It is pretty much the bible of home staging techniques.

The only UK based book worth anything is:

It's not as detailed as Barb Schwartz's book but it will still show you many design tricks that will help you to sell a house quickly, for maximum profit.

Quality Boxes Used By the Removals Industry:

Clearing & de-cluttering you house becomes so much easier when you have the right tools.

Trying to find sturdy cardboard boxes that stack & keep your valuable belonging safe is harder than you may first think.

www.helpineedboxes.co.uk is an award winning company started by Ex-Removals professionals.. they just sell boxes.

Property Staging Consultants

Most of us cannot see the imperfections in our own home and may not be sure which changes will meet market expectations.

To get the answers it's possible to employ the services of a professional home staging expert who will give objective and impartial advice on changes to add wow factor and improve buyer appeal.

It's this wow factor, mainly created by low cost cosmetic changes, which gives property its best chance of enticing buyers and achieving the ceiling price.

That is, the maximum selling price which can be many thousands of pounds different from the price a buyer is willing to pay due to their perceived value.

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