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"Sell My Home Quickly!" Cry The British Nation

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New borrowing in June 2009 hit 13 billion pounds, which is almost twice as much as it was year ago, and the state of public finance has led to the entire country saying, "Sell my home quickly!"
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Why The Widespread Need To Sell Property Quickly?

The recession has affected the UK population in many ways - redundancies, wage cuts, businesses going into administration, debt, home repossession and continued unemployment. Recent graduates are not able to find work, and people who have worked for years are losing their jobs.

This is a grim time for Great Britain, and in order to get out of debt and avoid having homes repossessed, many people are asking, "How can I sell my home quickly?"

Debt was an increasing problem in the UK, even before the recession began. In 2006, the UK's debt doubled the European average, meaning that people were borrowing, on average, twice that of other western European countries.

The BBC released this report and revealed that there was a high volume of unsecured lending such as credit cards and store cards. The report has concluded that that Britain has an "insatiable appetite for credit" and this comes in the form of personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts and hire purchase.

Sell My Home Quickly and Give Me Cash!

Although the 13 billion borrowing figure released by the Office for National Statistics is said to be modestly better than expected, it doesn't take away from the fact that the financial state of the country is dire. And it trickles down to affect families, students and home owners everywhere.

Spiralling debt or missed mortgage payments have led to more and more people turning to property firms, all with the same query, "Help me sell my home quickly and put a stop to my repossession order"

Many property companies are now offering sell-and-rent-back schemes and cash sales for people who need to sell up quickly. This could be because they need a lump sum to handle all of their debts, or because their house is about to be repossessed.

I Want to Sell My Home Quickly -
Am I Doing the Right Thing?

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