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To sell property quickly at maximum price, give a little thought to the presentation of your dining room.
Where you eat or 'dine' (depending on how posh your are) needs to be obvious to buyers.
If you have a separate dining area, make sure it's 100% dinning room - not 75% dining room, 15% home office (for example).
If you don't have a separate dinning room or a kitchen large enough to eat in, you have a problem.
The best way round this is to create a dinning area in your living room - A table and two chairs (four is better) is all that's needed.
Don't hesitate to remove more living room furniture or hire skinny furniture if it's the only way to fit in a dinning area - Your property will be tough to sell without it!
The following 3 presentation tips you will help to achieve a quick property sale for the maximum price.
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Sell Property Quickly Presentation Tip #1

Make the room look like it's used regularly!

Do this by laying the tale as if you were going to host a dinner party.

If you feel this is going over the top, just dress the table with a tablecloth and a suitable focal point (as described below).

Sell Property Quickly Presentation Tip #2


Think about adding:

  • A beautiful bowl of fruit, flowers or candles as a focal point in the centre of the table.
  • Slipcovers in a neutral shade over tired chairs.
  • Good table linen.
  • Interesting artwork that compliments the colour scheme.
  • A display of your best crockery and glassware in cabinets or on a sideboard.

Sell Property Quickly Presentation Tip #3

Good lighting is important!

Directional lighting over the table is best. If buyers view your house when it's dark outside, create more mood with soft lighting and/or candles.

Other things to consider are:

  • Installing dimmer switches.
  • A decorative pendant light or chandelier directly over the table.
  • Lit candles in substantial candlesticks placed on the table or sideboard.

Sell Property Quickly - Conclusions

Like the living room, your dining room is a "lifestyle" room.

As such you'll sell your property quickly if you can show buyer's something aspirational.

If you need further guidance (over and above the information you'll find on this website), the following books are the best available:

Design Books:

There are of course tons of books out there to gain added inspiration from. Most are a bit of a let down.

They may have beautiful photos but tend to lack any really useful instruction. There are two exceptions:

If you need "design inspiration" you'll find heaps of it in either or these.

They are immediately useful - basically being instruction manuals on how to get more pleasure from your home. The information and ideas they contain will certainly help to sell your house quickly.

DIY Instruction Manual:

Collins, Readers Digest, Harry Greene - these are all solid DIY books but none come close to:

Home Staging:

In terms of specific books on home staging, the best we've ever come across is written (unfortunately) for the American market.

Thankfully the information is just as effective over here:

This is the latest book by Barb Schwartz (the undisputed queen of home staging for over 35 years). It is pretty much the bible of home staging techniques.

The only UK based book worth anything is:

It's not as detailed as Barb Schwartz's book but it will still show you many design tricks that will help you to sell property quickly, for maximum profit.

Quality Boxes Used By the Removals Industry:

Clearing & de-cluttering you house becomes so much easier when you have the right tools.

Trying to find sturdy cardboard boxes that stack & keep your valuable belonging safe is harder than you may first think.

www.helpineedboxes.co.uk is an award winning company started by Ex-Removals professionals.. they just sell boxes.

Property Staging Consultants

Most of us cannot see the imperfections in our own home and may not be sure which changes will meet market expectations.

To get the answers it�s possible to employ the services of a professional home staging expert who will give objective and impartial advice on changes to add wow factor and improve buyer appeal.

It�s this wow factor, mainly created by low cost cosmetic changes, which gives property its best chance of enticing buyers and achieving the ceiling price.

That is, the maximum selling price � which can be many thousands of pounds different from the price a buyer is willing to pay due to their perceived value.

House Wow Ltd offer UK wide Property Staging services with options for a written report after viewing property images, hands on support to declutter, clean and present the property for maximum selling price and a faster sale.

www.housewow.co.uk the best house staging consultants in the business.

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