How digital mortgages will give the industry 2020 vision

New improvements in technology and digital services will greatly change the way mortgages work in 2020. Pre-qualification is going to be big, because both aggregators and online estate services are gaining more of an online presence which can help users search in areas they are interested in. In addition, open banking is likely to greatly lower the amount of time that potential homeowners will take in filling out the mortgage applications and help gather their data.

Key Takeaways:

  • New improvements in digital services will mean that 2020 will see transformations in mortgages.
  • Aggregator sites and online estage agents are both likely to become more prominent.
  • Open banking will become much more prominent with regards to mortgages.

“Pre-qualification is already having a significant impact on the customer’s mortgage journey”

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Gavin Brazg

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