How to minimise anxiety in children when moving house

Moving house is very stressful for adults, but it can be even more stressful for children because they are completely powerless in the situation. The stress can affect the child for months. Trying to make moving easier for children depends on how old your child is. If they can understand the concept, you should be honest with them and let them ask questions about the whole thing. If they are a baby, you should keep a routine as much as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving can cause anxiety in children. A Kids Guide to Moving House written in collaboration with the Diary of a Wimpy Kids is good for moving families.
  • Communicating with kids during the moving process is important. Allow your kids to express their feelings and allow them to ask as many questions as they need.
  • For children who express desire to return to their old home, reassure them that their new home is going to be just as great as the one that they have left behind.

“The more honest and open that you are, the more reassured and happier your child will be”

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