Man realises home is missing ‘double bedroom’ 2 years after buying it

A home purchaser went through all the usual steps when buying his one bedroom flat in London. Relying on information provided by the estate agent he obtained a mortgage and purchased his home. After 2 years it was time to move on, and the home owner had his flat valued. The valuation came in under the original purchase price because the apartment measured at 265 sq ft under what the original selling agent had advertised. The homeowner pursued a case against the original selling real estate agent who could face jail time if it is proved the inflated measurements were intentional.

Key Takeaways:

  • A man named Kevin bought a flat, trusting in the realtor about its dimensions.
  • When he planned to resell it, he found out that it was over 200 square feet smaller than he thought.
  • Kevin plans to pursue a case against the realtor who lied to him about his flat’s dimensions.

“It is a major issue so it is essential that you make sure measurements are spot on. You want to make money selling your home, not be hit with nasty surprises.”

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