New research reveals almost half of UK adults choose not to take any financial advice

Recent research has indicated that 55% of UK adults with savings accounts are doubtful they will be in the financial position to retire when they desire. Equipped with this knowledge, it is surprising then that 48% of UK adults are deciding against meeting with an expert to plan their finances. Moreover, of this same population, 44% are confident they can personally manage their finances with older individuals being the most reluctant to seek professional guidance.

Key Takeaways:

  • A whopping forty-eight percent of UK adults are opting to plan their financial future without an advisor to steer them.
  • Of that already high number, forty-four percent say they feel competent and confident enough to plan their financial pathway alone.
  • Despite this purported financial confidence, more than half of savers express doubts regarding their ability to retire when they wish to.

“Sanlam head of UK intermediaries distribution said: “In this age of accessible information, the temptation is to think that all the answers to problems we face can be found online.”

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