Property for sale? The estate agent trick you must avoid to sell your home fast

To sell your home fast you can use more than one agent. People don’t do it often in some places but you don’t actually have to give exclusivity to one company. You want to make sure the home you are selling is clean and ready to be looked at. You don’t have to have an open house. You do need to make sure that people are able to stop by and see if they like what you have to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Estate agents can help you move your home, but they don’t always act in the interest of the seller.
  • Don’t necessarily choose the agent with the highest average valuation, because that can be a misleading number.
  • Avoid signing up for contracts, because this can slow down the process even further and make you spend more money.

“While many estate agents will try hard to help sellers shift their home, others may not give the best advice.”

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