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Did you know that the final costs associated with selling your home can vary up to 261% depending on which agent you use? This is why it is imperative to calculate the average fee that local realtors are charging so that you know you’re not getting duped ahead of time. The average estate agent fee in both England and Wales sits at 1.53%, but research has shown that this variable can end up being upwards of 3.07%.

Key Takeaways:

  • GetAGent is an agent comparison service that compares more than 40,000 agents and 2,400 areas.
  • The average fee for selling a home in England and Wales is 1.53% though for homes in the most expensive areas it can run as high as 3.07%
  • To fine the best agent for you be sure to compare their stats, such as turn around time. Invite three agents to evaluate the property and then decide who is the best fit.

“In contrast, sellers in NE67 or Benthall in Northumberland typically get charged a 0.85% fee. That equates to £2,771 for an average property worth £326,000 listed with branches in the area.”

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