Which personality traits lead to successful and happy advisers?

The financial adviser field is teeming with multiple personalities and levels of success. A study of 5 personality traits including extroversion, conscientiousness, emotional stability, intellect and agreeableness showed that the most successful advisers have the highest levels of conscientiousness. This trait, paired with the ability to adapt to change, contributes to even higher incidents of success. This newer, updated view of this career is crucial to its livelihood. Over 7,000 advisers are retiring over the next few years and research such as this is imperative in ensuring those positions are filled with the right candidates.

Key Takeaways:

  • New data shows that there are qualities of personality that are best suited to financial advisers wanting to achieve both happiness and success.
  • At the forefront of those desirable personality traits is one specific one, that is conscientiousness.
  • The new data was based on the surveying of 130 financial advisers and covered five distinct personality traits.

“”Ensuring the resilience of the advice industry is crucial for the well-being of the nation as face to face advice provides not only better financial outcomes for their clients but also peace of mind.””

Read more: https://www.financialreporter.co.uk/finance-news/which-personality-traits-lead-to-successful-and-happy-advisers.html

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