Added Value Factors that help (or hurt) the value of your home

Value Factors that help (or hurt)
the value of your home

It turns out that what they say about location is true – certain factors around your home (and inside it) could significantly boost or reduce how much your house is worth.

From local supermarkets to kitchen renovations, We’ve analysed seventeen popular neighbourhood features and home improvements to reveal how they impact the value of your property.

Calculate what your house would be worth with the following factors:

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  2. Choose the factors you’re curious about
  3. Discover the impact on your home’s value
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Choose the factors:

On a well-named road
Located on an affluent-sounding street
Upscale restaurant nearby
Properties located near a Michelin-star restaurant
Farmer’s market nearby
Properties on a street with a regular local produce market
Graveyard nearby
Properties on streets next to cemeteries
Close to a Carluccio
Properties located near a luxury supermarket
High-performing school nearby
Properties near exceptional state schools
On a tree-lined street
Properties on a nicely landscaped road
Close to a Waitrose
Properties with a local Waitrose supermarket
Close to a McDonald’s
Properties with a local McDonald’s chain
Close to an M&S
Properties with a local Marks & Spencer supermarket
House with a name
Opting to name your house (rather than a number)
Close to a Primark
Properties with a local Primark store
Extension or conversion
Adding a room via extension or loft conversion
Avg. cost: £20,000
Close to an Aldi
Properties with a local Aldi supermarket
New kitchen
A recent kitchen renovation
Avg. cost: £7,500
House number 13
Properties with 13 as the main number in the address
Basement conversion
Renovating the basement or cellar
Avg. cost: £50,000