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  • "I've seen many sites that purport to advise on dealing with agents. Much of the advice is amateurish with no real insight into agents' practices. Your site shows a perceptive understanding of how agents operate. I say this as an ex-agent!"

    Chris Dobson [Director -]

  • "I was browsing your site earlier and I must say its coming on a treat. The advice you give is sound and unbiased. It makes a refreshing treat to see a bone-fide example of impartial advice available for the homebuyer and seller"

    Simon Jones [Director -]

Struggling To Sell Your House Fast?
You Are Not Alone!

Each year 900,000 property sellers are unable to achieve the speedy house sale they need (or even manage to sell at all for that matter).

On average, 1.8 million house sales are successful but data from our Government's Land Registry shows that 1 in 3 home sales fail.

Add to this a widespread lack of confidence in UK Estate Agents and we think it's easy to see why selling a house and moving home has gained the reputation from being one of life's most stressful events.

Here's what which have to say:

"Consumers entering the home-buying or selling process are substantially disadvantaged by the way estate agents currently operate".


They go further stating:

"Over 50% of house sellers who have bought or sold homes say that they have experienced problems with their estate agents services:

  • Only one in ten buyers and house sellers strongly agrees that estate agents can be trusted.
  • 70% think that estate agents and property developers frequently work together to line each others pockets.
  • Less than half think that estate agents generally keep home sellers well informed.
  • Less than a half think that estate agents pass on all offers to house sellers".


How We Can Help You To Sell Your Home

This website has been created because there's a chronic lack of independent and effective information available to UK property sellers.

Most of what you'll read about how to get a quick house sale is written by estate agents (and other vested interests).

Naturally they're all looking to protect (and justify) their commission levels and so the house selling information made public is often carefully crafted to have their best interests at heart - not yours!

Here at we strongly believe you deserve better.

This is why we are going to share all the insider tips on how to sell your house fast (and increase the profit you take away from your house sale).

Here you can learn:

"This independent house sale information is not available anywhere else - it's knowledge UK property sellers are not meant to have!" -
"Fast Cash Home-Buying" Specialists

At we have been actively investigating the "quick house sale" industry (and the companies that work within it) since 2005. Last year we helped over 700 people find the most suitable cash home buyer.

I myself am a trained Architect but have also worked for many years as a land buyer for numerous Plc House Building companies assessing the value of many £m's of pounds worth of property and developments right across the UK.

Our service is freely available to anyone looking to sell a house fast. If you need to find someone willing and able to buy your house for cash within a short timeframe, we can help.

We can help you to identify the most suitable (and reliable) purchaser so that you can be secure in the knowledge that your fast cash house purchase will complete on time (and at the best possible price).

How Differs
To Other Quick House Sale Websites?

It’s not that we buy houses with our own cash. More, we have unique experience and insight into how the "fast cash for property" industry operates.

We know how house buying companies work, their tricks and most importantly, which ones truly are cash buyers with readily available funds to hand.

Any Property, Any Condition, Any Location! We
Can Help You Turn Your House Into Cash Fast!

Contact us and we will make sure you have a genuine cash offer for your property within 24hr. That is our promise to all UK house sellers.

If you need your house quickly bought for cash due to; divorce, inheritance, equity release, bereavement, repossession – we can help make sure you receive the best possible price and service currently available from the professional home buying industry.

Gavin Brazg

Gavin Brazg (Editor)

What house sellers say about this site:

I felt I had to tell you. I've just cut £4,100 from my estate agent's bill as a direct result of reading your property-selling guides. Magnificent work!
J Farrow, (Harrogate)
I followed your advice & have sold my house for my full asking price (all within 4 weeks). Thanks to your website I was also able to save £3,750 in estate agency fees.
Mr. J Harrison, (Cambs)
I had been toying with the idea of selling my house privately for a while and had even decided which private house sale website I would use.
Thankfully I found you just in time. Your guidance on how to sell a house online correctly stopped me making a costly mistake.
Now that my house sale has completed, I can look back and confidently say that the £7,670 I saved in fees was directly a result of the quick house sale insights you shared.
Thank you!
Miss. P Gleve, (Liverpool)
Having never sold a home before I have been guided by your instructions (which I've found to be invaluable) and within 10 days of going onto the market have accepted an offer (subject to contract). Your advice was sound and true to life - You've been a great help!
Mr C Birch, (N/A)
Your property-selling guides are enlightening and taught me a great deal about how estate agents operate and how to deal with them. In future, I will nail them to the wall (not literally). The sections on house valuation and negotiating to get an agent's rate down are very good.
The popular wisdom appears to have some truth in it. I have caught more than one estate agent telling porkies when showing me round a property. They do not seem to understand that you need a faultless memory in order to tell lies.
Cyril, (N/A)

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