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Planning to sell your house to fund your retirement? Think again

Many older Americans are facing a difficult financial situation because of debt, increased heath care costs, and more. It might seem easy to sell your home so you can afford to retire, but it might not be the best idea. There are three main obstacles to this plan, which are demographics, finances, and geography. For … Continued

How to minimise anxiety in children when moving house

Moving house is very stressful for adults, but it can be even more stressful for children because they are completely powerless in the situation. The stress can affect the child for months. Trying to make moving easier for children depends on how old your child is. If they can understand the concept, you should be … Continued

How digital mortgages will give the industry 2020 vision

New improvements in technology and digital services will greatly change the way mortgages work in 2020. Pre-qualification is going to be big, because both aggregators and online estate services are gaining more of an online presence which can help users search in areas they are interested in. In addition, open banking is likely to greatly … Continued

Should we sell our home before moving to Scotland?

When you own a home in England and want to move, you have to consider that the tax rate is going to be the upper limit of the two locations. For Scotland, you have to pay the LBTT tax which is going to be three percentage points higher than the ordinary rate. It is advised to … Continued

How can advisers combat greater levels of direct business?

The mortgage market is a fast moving sector. We want to be aware of everything that is shifting so that we can find opportunity when it presents itself. One thing we’ve seen recently is a notable increase in product transfer (PT) business. one such product is the five-year fixed rate which can possibly mean that … Continued

Zoopla: House prices exceed pre-crisis levels

It has taken 12 years for house prices in all UK cities to return to their highs before the financial crisis. The recovery has varied from 2.3 years for London’s recovery to 12 years for Newcastle. Housing prices are currently being supported by an imbalance between supply and demand. This is expected to continue in … Continued

UK house price growth at 14-month high, says Nationwide

In the United Kingdom, housing prices hit a fourteen-month high in January after confidence was restored from the general election. Housing prices are 1.9% higher than a year ago on average. Experts believe the lower prices in the past were due to public uncertainty, and the increase is due to a combination of lower borrowing … Continued

Intermediaries leading mortgage market charge in 2020

There has been much apprehension in the UK home market as a result of the change in political leadership and the looming prospect of Brexit. Despite this concern among lenders and experts the market for home prices has been relatively stable and is expected to remain somewhat robust for the remainder of the year. The … Continued

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