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Zoopla is “UK’s most comprehensive property site” with new listings

Zoopla is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive site home listings. This resource for agents is an invaluable tool and recently has become even more indispensable with the addition of new homebuilders and new home developers to Zoopla’s customer base. Weston Homes, Duchy Homes, Edenstone Homes and Robertston Homes are among the new developers added … Continued

Longer commute would stop tenants buying

Many renters are opting to remain tenants and not to purchase a home if their commute time is increased by greater than 17 minutes. While being a homeowner has its perks, trends are showing that a significant number of renters enjoy the flexibility of renting over buying a home. With the number of renters expected … Continued

Which personality traits lead to successful and happy advisers?

The financial adviser field is teeming with multiple personalities and levels of success. A study of 5 personality traits including extroversion, conscientiousness, emotional stability, intellect and agreeableness showed that the most successful advisers have the highest levels of conscientiousness. This trait, paired with the ability to adapt to change, contributes to even higher incidents of … Continued

3 Things To Consider When Moving Into A Tiny House

Many people opt in for smaller homes simply to save money on maintenance and living fees. Unfortunately, these minimalistic abodes still require hefty startup fees since most mortgage brokers will not cover them right off the bat. Once you’ve secured a startup loan, there are two more things you’re going to have to take time … Continued

Reservation Agreements: Agency asks buyers for £5,000 – and it works

There is a real estate agency located in London that recently spoke to Estate Agent today, revealing that it requires many of its clients to pay £5,000 upfront in reservation agreement fees. Since MHCLG research has found that buyers currently back out of deals at approximately 25%-35%, the agency hopes that this percentage will end … Continued

9 Things To Do When Moving House

Planning and organization is key when moving households. Be sure to label all boxes. Label what is inside the box, is it fragile and the room it needs to be put in once the move is complete. Use the correct packing materials to avoid damage to your belongings. You need to have plenty of boxes … Continued

Changing the future for first-time buyers

The process of buying a home is an extremely important financial decision. That being said, far more young adults report needing help in deciding on a mortgage than older adults do. A company called OpenMoney will soon offer a consultation service for first-time buyers to better set up and understand their mortgages. They seek to … Continued

Delivering specialist advice in a complex buy-to-let market

The buy-to-let market, much like the mortgage market as a whole, is constantly evolving. According to the criteria search system Knowledge Bank, ‘lending to limited companies’ and ‘first-time landlords’ are among the most searched phrases, something unthinkable several years ago. What happened was that taxation changes have made it so a limited company is the … Continued

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