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A positive sign for the market as annual house price growth rises to 4%

Good news in the housing industry as house prices rose 4% in the UK which was reported by Halifax. A prediction of the unstable economy easing in 2020 gives an even more positive spin on housing in the coming year. Other aspects one must remember is the shortage of houses for sale and the ability … Continued

Zoopla focuses on emotional value of moving in brand turnaround blitz

There are always new tactics to selling and buying in the world of residential realty. One new approach is to focus more on the emotional aspect of a prospective home purchase, rather than the financial aspects. The ads focus more on what a home is really worth, pushing emotional ideas of family and safety, and … Continued

Zoopla says lower house price growth is ‘the new normal’

Zoopla has predicted that the average home value will only grow about 3% in the next year as compared to a 4.4% yearly growth from the past decade. Because of the recent election in London, Zoopla is predicting there is a uncertainty for households which has lowered the demand for housing. The affordability factor has … Continued

House prices are lower than 2010 in just three Northern districts

House prices typically reflect what is going on in the economy. Most of the time, house price trends tend to increase, meaning that the houses get more expensive over time. In three Northern districts, house prices have actually fallen almost ten percent in the last ten years. In surrounding counties and districts, house prices have … Continued

UK estate agents fined £600,000 for price-fixing

Four real estate agencies in the United Kingdom were fined more than 600,000 pounds for illegally colluding to fix commission rates. The commission rate fixing operated for more than four years in Berkshire. The fee-fixing cost the homeowners thousands of dollars each in illegal fees that benefited the real estate agencies. The Competition and Markets … Continued

What will happen to house prices in 2020? – Which? News

The housing market in the U.K. will depend upon several different factors. The first one is whether the U.K. will leave Brexit. Nothing will happen until at least late January. The second factor will be the budget in February. The government might start a tax for overseas buyers. They might also have first-time buyers incentives … Continued

Estate agent Marsh & Parsons boosted sales growth by making Londoners laugh

The London real estate market has been very difficult for real estate agents. One real estate company, Marsh and Parsons needed a different advertising strategy to stand out from the crowd. They developed an advertising campaign that made Londoners laugh at their jokes. It worked and business increased for the company over 20% in 2019. … Continued

EU court rules Airbnb does not require estate agent licence

The European court of justice ruled in favor of Airbnb in finding that it is not a real estate company and therefore not subject to French regulations covering the profession. The EU court ruled that Airbnb is an “information society service” that merely connects potential guests with hosts. In this respect, Airbnb is different from … Continued

How can we get a mortgage that’s more than 3.5 times our income?

Is it possible to obtain a mortgage by borrowing an amount more than the standard 3.5 times one’s annual income? It is. In fact, some lenders will offer a loan-to-income ratio of up to six times salary, although this applies only to borrowers in certain professions, such as accountants, barristers and medical doctors. The hurdle … Continued

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