The Premier League Clubs With the Hottest Property Markets (Revealed)

And the winner is…

Despite being at the bottom of the Premier League standings for 2019, Brighton & Hove Albion has been crowned the overall winner in PropCast’s latest property market analysis.

The analysis shows where local football supporters are in the best position to be selling their home when compared to other top level Clubs. (See Figure 1)

By measuring buyer demand of postcode districts within one mile of the twenty Premier League stadiums across England and Wales, the house selling weather forecast developed by TheAdvisory has found 55% of the Clubs have a market heat temperature of at least 35°, indicating local homes are in a sellers’ (hot) market.

Hottest markets

Recording the highest market heat temperatures were:

  • Brighton & Hove Albion – BN1 (55°)
  • Cardiff City – CF11 (49°)
  • ACF Bournemouth – BH7 (47°)
  • Manchester City –  M11 (45°)
  • Liverpool – L4 (43°)

Other Premier League football clubs in a sellers’ market include:

  • Everton – L20 (41°)
  • Watford – WD18 (39°)
  • Manchester United – M16 (38°)
  • Southampton – SO14 (38°)
  • Tottenham Hotspur – N17 (37°)
  • Burnley – BB10 (36°)

On average, buyer demand has risen 7.5% over the last twelve months in these locations despite Brexit, increasing the most in:

  • Liverpool (+33%)
  • Burnley (+25%)
  • Cardiff City (+18%)
  • Brighton & Hove Albion (+18%)

Coldest Markets

Recording the lowest market heat temperatures were:

  • Arsenal Football Club – NW1 (13°)
  • Newcastle United – NE1 (18°)
  • Chelsea – SW6 (18°)
  • Fulham – SW6 (22°)
  • Crystal Palace – SE25 (27°)
  • West Ham United – E15 (27°)
  • Leicester City – LE2 (30°)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers – WV3 (32°)
  • Huddersfield Town – HD1 (31°)

On average, buyer demand has fallen 6.1% over the last twelve months, dropping the most in:

  • Leicester City (-33%)
  • Crystal Palace (-22%)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers (-16%)

Interesting Findings

  1. Fulham (who are in second from last place in the Premier League standing) saw the highest rise in buyer demand over the last twelve months, raising its market heat temperature from 16° to 22°.
  2. Burnley (who also appear towards the bottom of the Club tables) has been pushed into a sellers’ market with buyer demand increasing the most (+47%) since Brexit was first announced in June 2016.
  3. Crystal Palace saw the biggest fall in buyer demand (-130%) since Britain’s decision to leave the E.U.


Gavin Brazg, founder of TheAdvisory & creator of PropCast comments;

“There are some scorching hot property markets for local football fans to take advantage of at the moment. With Brighton and Hove Albion temperature being over 50 degrees, local home sellers are actually in an incredible position despite all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit at the moment.

For anyone in a sellers’ market the balance of power is currently skewed in your favour. As long as the initial asking price is set realistically from the offset, your home should sell quicker and attract multiple offers as a result.

On the flip-side, if you’re trying to buy in a sellers’ market, get ready to have to compete against other buyers. Be prepared to spring into action the moment a property you like hits the market, be pre-approved for a mortgage before you make an offer and make your opening offer a strong offer.”

He continues:

“Meanwhile home sellers in a cold buyers’ market should not be downhearted because it’s still absolutely possible to sell well. Buyers are out there; they’re just more price and condition sensitive.

The key to success is to identify the homes that are your direct competitors, and then position your home so it represents the best value for money. Choosing the right estate agent who will implement the best selling strategy is key if you are to achieve superior results in this type of market.”

Figure 1

Strength of Premier League Football Clubs’ property markets according to PropCast. Buyer demand measured 1-mile radius of stadium

The Alternative Premier League Football Club Table (Property Market Edition)

PositionClubPostcodeMarket Heat (°)Market Type%change YOY%change (since Brexit Vote)
1Brighton & Home AlbionBN1 9BL55°Sellers'18%0%
2Cardiff CityCF11 8AZ49°Sellers'18%16%
3AFC BournemouthBH7 7AF47°Sellers'6%-2%
4Manchester CityM11 3FF45°Sellers'4%20%
5LiverpoolL4 0TH43°Sellers'33%35%
6EvertonL20 2BN41°Sellers'15%44%
7WatfordWD18 7LE39°Sellers'-3%-64%
8Manchester UnitedM16 0RA38°Sellers'0%-5%
9SouthamptonSO14 5FP38°Sellers'-18%-50%
10Tottenham HotspurN17 0BX37°Sellers'-16%-68%
11BurnleyBB10 4BX36°Sellers'25%47%
12Wolverhampton WanderersWV3 9DU32°Buyers'-16%22%
13Huddersfield TownHD1 6PX31°Buyers'-13%3%
14Leicester CityLE2 0QB30°Buyers'-33%0%
15Crystal PalaceSE25 6PU27°Buyers'-22%-130%
16West Ham UnitedE15 1AZ27°Buyers'0%-56%
17FulhamSW6 6HH22°Buyers'27%18%
18ChelseaSW6 1HS18°Buyers'11%0%
19Newcastle UnitedNE1 4ST18°Buyers'6%-6%
20ArsenalNW1 2AE13°Buyers'-15%-69%




Notes to Editors:

  1. View data source and historic data trends here:
  2. PropCast was created with the help of Kate Faulkner (respected housing analysis and chair of the Home Buying & Selling Group)
  3. For more information, high res imagery and bespoke heat map requests, contact Lucy Tinkler at or +44 7889571039.
  4. View PropCast methodology here:

How PropCast Helps Homeowners

By noting where’s ‘hot’ (sellers’ market) and where’s ‘not’ (buyers’ market), PropCast can help homeowners determine how ‘quick and easy’ or ‘slow and hard’ it will be to sell their homes. At a time where conflicting information about the housing market causes confusion to homeowners, the figures allow people to confidentially identify true local market conditions, make more informed decisions about how best to sell their homes, and ultimately achieve better results in less time.

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